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Category: Climate Change

Cause and effect: why ecology is changing in the modern world

In the modern world, we are faced with global environmental changes that have an increasing impact on our planet. These changes are caused by various factors such as climate change, urban expansion and industrialization. They lead to the deterioration of air, water and soil quality, as well as to the threat to human health and [Continue]

How can farmers contribute to saving the earth?

Farming and agriculture are essential for life to survive on earth. Farmers contribute the most to humanity. They work day and night to produce crops that are later sent to markets for us to consume. Apart from that, they take care of animals and plant vegetation for them as well. While everything has its pros, [Continue]

6 Severe Weather Events Increasing Due To Climate Change

Today, severe weather events are becoming a part of the so-called ‘new normal.’ Natural weather phenomena that were previously rare circumstances are now more ordinary. So, what may have caused these to occur? Rapid changes, which are fueled by human activity, in the global climate are the main contributors to extreme weather conditions across the [Continue]


Rivers have certainly been an inalienable part of human evolution and our collective history as a whole. The world’s freshwater rivers paved the way for the formation of some of the greatest civilizations we have ever known. But apart from being known for their upsides, rivers have also been equally responsible for ruining civilizations with [Continue]