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5 Potentially Harmful Environmental Factors

Humans are merely animals, just like any other species. We may be smarter than most, but we’re still flesh and blood, and our environment matters. We can only be healthy and content if everything around us is balanced.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of things that some of us live close to that can harm us. You need to be aware of the following environmental factors if you want to stay healthy and live a long, fulfilling life.


If you live within close proximity to an industry that utilized asbestos, it’s probably time for you to move. That’s because you don’t always know how well the cleanup crews are getting rid of the asbestos in your area.


Can cause certain cancers
Was very common up till about 1980

For several decades, all sorts of industries used asbestos, especially construction. Asbestos makes great insulation since it is water, heat, and flame resistant. It’s also inexpensive to produce.

It wasn’t until years later that doctors began to realize how dangerous it is. The real problems start when you break it up and begin inhaling the particulate matter.

If you know that you live near an industry that used asbestos, then at the very least, you should look into how they’re disposing of any of it that remains. If there’s any chance of exposure, then you should move away from there without delay.

Water Pollution

A few years ago, news about Flint, Michigan, shocked the public. The water there was making everyone sick. That’s hardly the only place that has had these issues, though.

You should look into the water quality where you live. Check for contaminants like:


Elsewhere, you might also deal with barium, arsenic, or cadmium. None of that is good for you, and even trace amounts can make you ill over time. It’s even worse if you’re trying to raise kids around it.

You might buy bottled water to drink, but presumably, you’re also brushing your teeth and bathing in the local water. If you’re concerned, then look into your part of the country’s water purity levels. If things are awful and you don’t think that they’ll improve, you might move because of that.
Air Quality

Air pollution can be just as lethal as water pollution. If you have a condition like asthma, or others in your family do, you should have even more concern.

Some cities commonly have smog alerts. Los Angeles and some other West Coast cities deal with it, even though LA is not as bad as it once was.

If you reside in a heavily industrialized area, then you should think about these things and do some research. You might have to look for a city or state that’s more rural, where this won’t be as much of a problem.

Soil Quality

Your soil quality is also something about which you should learn. Many people like to purchase locally-grown fruits and veggies. In general, it’s a fine thing to do, as you are supporting local farmers.

However, those items might not be so good for you if they’re grown in poor-quality soil. Some farmers still try to get away with spraying their crops with pesticides or spreading it through groundwater. It allows plants to grow while keeping pests away.

If you ingest enough of it, though, it can make you very sick. If you visit farmer’s markets or anywhere else that sells local produce, you can ask them what chemicals they use.

Urban Sprawl

Urban sprawl is a term that people sometimes use when talking about deforestation and humans spreading out as population increases. There’s no stopping progress, but living in densely populated areas can also harm you.

You may experience depression or anxiety if you’re living too close to other people. Think about a city like New York, with more than eight million individuals packed into just a few square miles. It’s no wonder that some people can’t deal with the claustrophobia, and they eventually feel like they have to leave.

You can avoid the urban sprawl by moving to a less populated area. You don’t have to completely move to the country if that doesn’t appeal to you. You can look for a community where the homes are further apart from each other, and you can breathe a bit easier.

Be sure to monitor these and other environmental factors. Only that way can you feel healthy and safe as you go through your daily life.

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