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8 Carbon-Neutral Household Products for the Conscious Consumer

If you’re like many conscious consumers, you’re probably at least a little bit concerned about the size of your carbon footprint. Every time we buy a new product, drive a car, take a flight or flip on the air conditioner, we contribute to carbon pollution. A simple way to help reduce your carbon emissions is to prioritize the use of carbon-neutral products in your day-to-day life. Something as simple as switching to more eco-friendly laundry products or using a carbon-neutral room spray can go a long way towards your goal of sustainability.

What Does ‘Carbon-Neutral’ Mean?

You’ve probably seen some of your favorite products and brands tossing out the phrase “carbon-neutral” to describe their goods. In fact, Amazon, Meta, FedEx, General Motors, Google and Apple have all pledged to go carbon neutral by the year 2040 or sooner. But what does that mean, exactly?

Products that are labeled “carbon-neutral” are those that emit a net neutral carbon output. This means that they offset the emissions they produce by removing as many emissions as possible from the atmosphere. So, for example, the paper industry can compensate for the emissions they produce during the manufacturing process by planting enough trees to absorb more carbon emissions than they produce.

The Top Carbon-Neutral Household Products

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), transportation, electricity, industry, commercial and agriculture make up the vast majority of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. In other words, big corporations are largely to blame for the problem. With that being said, individual consumers can make big changes by demanding that the products they use are as sustainable as possible. Here are some great household products that will help you make your home carbon neutral.

Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets — Because traditional detergents are all-around bad for the planet, your laundry room is the first place that should get an eco-friendly update. Start by using eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets instead of the standard wasteful, toxic options. These low-waste laundry sheets are made with entirely biodegradable, eco-friendly materials and don’t put toxic chemicals into our waterways or leave slow-to-degrade plastic in landfills. Earth Breeze has partnered with We Are Neutral and 1% for the Planet to help offset their carbon contribution. In fact, every single shipment of orders directly from our site is carbon-neutral.
reVessel Food Storage Containers — Many of the typical food storage container brands use unsustainable plastic and toxic materials during the manufacturing process. reVessel is different. It helps offset carbon emissions by producing long-lasting food storage containers made with stainless steel, silicone and bamboo. They are Climate Neutral certified and have achieved a net-zero carbon footprint.
The Earthling Co. Dish Brushes — We rarely stop to think about how simple household tools, such as cleaning brushes, contribute to the environment. But The Earthling Co. has! They offer 100 percent compostable, carbon neutral dish brushes that swap the unsustainable plastic for beechwood and natural fibers.
Modkat Litter Boxes — Your pets want to go green, too! Modkat is a leader in carbon neutral litter boxes and accessories, offering practical and attractive solutions for eco-conscious cat lovers. Modkat has earned carbon neutral status by partnering with an eco-conscious shipper that contributes to the protection of a spruce forest that captures over 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year.
Earth Breeze Hope Cloths — Just because paper products are made with renewable resources doesn’t mean they’re naturally eco-friendly. In fact, although it’s becoming greener each day, the paper industry emits over 10 million metric tons of carbon emissions per year. Switching to reusable paper towels, such as Earth Breeze’s Hope Cloths, is a great way to help lessen paper-related emissions. In fact, each Hope Cloth replaces up to 1,500 standard paper towels, helping you lessen your burden on the planet and save money while you do it.
The Bearded Candlemakers Candles — Who doesn’t want their house to smell good and be more eco-friendly? Switch to The Bearded Candlemakers’ great-smelling soy wax candles. They are made using a carbon neutral soy crop which is much more sustainable than paraffin and other common candle materials. In addition to going carbon neutral, The Bearded Candlemakers offsets their environmental impact by using forestry approved trees, recycled cardboard and cotton wicks.
F. Candle Co. Room and Linen Spray — You already know that many of the typical ingredients found in household sprays and aerosols are not great for the environment, so finding eco-friendly alternatives can be tough. The P.F. Candle Co. makes a huge variety of room and linen sprays in scents like Teakwood and Tobacco, Sandalwood Rose and Sweet Grapefruit. They are carbon neutral certified and produce products that are phthalate- and cruelty-free.
Salty Aura Hemp Bedding — Give your bedroom an eco-friendly upgrade with the help of Salty Aura’s dreamy carbon neutral bedding. Made with sustainable, soft and high-quality vegan hemp, Salty Aura’s sheets and quilt covers will help you sleep better knowing you’re not contributing to needless carbon emissions. Plus, they’re beautifully designed and give your bedroom a stylish upgrade.

How to Know If Products Are Carbon Neutral

So how do you know if a product is actually carbon neutral? The best thing to do is look for reliable third-party certifications. Companies partner with certifiers who do an in-depth carbon emission calculation to ensure that their production, manufacturing and shipping process produce net zero carbon emissions. Look for certifications by We Are Neutral, Climate Neutral, Carbon Trust, Pathzero and others. We hope this guide will help you make more eco-friendly choices in your home.

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