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Protecting Our Planet Starts with You: 7 Daily Basics For Green Life

Now that 2022 is coming to a close, there has never been a better time to start living more eco-friendly. Every day you hear the horrifying facts about how climate change and waste is affecting our planer. We won’t traumatize you more, but we’ll help you by offering some solutions on how to have a more green lifestyle.

Reusable silicone snack bags

Sandwich and snack bags are great because they eliminate the need for disposable plastic bags, which would just end up dumped in landfills or the ocean. You can find the bags online in a lot of sizes. You can find small ones you can keep in your pocket and use for snacks to those that can hold up to two strip steaks and are half a gallon in capacity. In addition, you can use them in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher with these bags.

Reusable silicone lids

The stretchy silicone lids are a great alternative to plastic wrap for closing opened cans of ingredients, bowls of leftovers, and cut fruit and veggies. You can find them online in many sizes, making them a simple yet brilliant solution for preventing wasteful food and plastic disposal at home.

Laundry sheets

The laundry detergent sheets are great whether you’re trying to be green or you simply don’t want to lug around a heavy container of liquid soap. Parabens, phosphates, bleach, oxybenzone, and plastic are some of the many harmful substances you’ll find in regular detergents. Once you move to the eco sheets, you’ll make your laundry days as green as possible. Plus, if you have sensitive skin, these sheets are a fantastic option. If you wish for more tips on how to be more eco-friendly when doing laundry, head over here.

Reusable bamboo utensils

Reusable bamboo utensils are one of our favorite eco-friendly products. If you want to be eco-friendly, you should never use plastic utensils! Plastic is one of the main materials flooding our landfills.

Furthermore, BPA, a chemical extremely harmful to your health, is used in the production of most plastic cutlery. Therefore, reusable cutlery and travel accessories are the first steps toward more environmentally responsible habits. For this reason, our discovery of reusable bamboo utensils was cause for great celebration.

This cutlery can withstand high temperatures without melting, is compact and lightweight, and is an excellent eco-friendly option for your next trip.

Reusable paper towels

The highly absorbent paper towels can be used multiple times, making them an excellent eco-friendly option. They are versatile and can be used for a wide variety of tasks, from wiping down the kitchen counter to cleaning up the kids’ playroom. In addition to being biodegradable and packaged without creating any waste, you can find some in very fun colors and patterns.

Reusable razors

A reusable razor is our new favorite environmentally-friendly bathroom product. You can find some on Amazon, but we recommend you look if there are some smaller businesses in your area that manufacture them. Stop buying disposable plastic razors and switch to a metal or safety razor for life.

Take care of this razor, and it will last forever. These kinds of razors should last you for years and you have to spend your money only once! Our advice is to get one that can be used with the regular blades you can find in your local store so you don’t have to order online every time you need a replacement.

Reusable shopping bag

Waste from plastic grocery bags, or shopping bags from any store, is even higher than that from plastic produce bags. Get a reusable shopping bag that you can easily fold so you can easily carry it in your purse. You’ll never need to use disposable plastic bags again!

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